Montréal Poutine

ça va faire une maudite poutine

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Five Loonie Poutine

Poutine isn't a fancy-schmancy dish, so why pay so much? Poutines are great because you can whip one out without much ado, or moolah. Here's a list of places which serve up a large poutine worth eating for less than five dallah cash money. Usually, the 5-buck poutine will be the classic style. And, hey, if you get there and decide to spring the extra looney for a smack-down of bacon, who could say you were disappointed? Note that we say "worth eating"; these are ranked at 2 or above from our rankings page. No "1" rankings here.
Patiti Patata 4177 St. Laurent (at Rachel) (514) 525-2415
$4.00 (one size); glass plate, seated service/td>
Montreal Pool Room St. Laurent 1 block South of Ste. Catherine (514) 525-2415
$3.75 for a large, styrofoam, counter service
Chez Philippe 1877 Rue Amherst (514) 528-5967
$4.00 for a large, styrofoam, counter service
Le Club Sandwich 1877 Rue Amherst (514) 528-5967
$5.00, glass plates, table service
Du Parc Pizza 4827 du Parc (514) 270-4270
$5.00, styrofoam , counter service (delivery?)