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ça va faire une maudite poutine

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Welcome to Montréal Poutine!

We have reviews, recipes, and history of poutine. Enjoy yourself! And, if you have questions, drop us an email -- we'll be glad to answer.

You may well ask: What is poutine? It is a delicious mixture of fries, sauce and cheese. The classic Quebec poutine uses a very specific pepper sauce and fromage beaucronne (like a cheddar cheese curds). We tell you all about it in the History section .

Once that's settled, you might point out: I don't live in Montreal, or even Quebec. How can I make a poutine? To which we'll point you to our poutine recipes, which will set you up with a nice poutine in your own kitchen.

Or, you might note: Wait a sec, I'm going to be in Montreal next week! Where can I get some great poutine? Check out our reviews of poutines , and you'll be ready to find the best poutines right away. Amaze the locals!

Now that I've eaten all this poutine, any chance you can sell me a t-shirt with a great picture of poutine on the front? Absolutely! Check out our Montréal Poutine storefront at Cafe Press! We're updating our line with poutine-related wear, to declare undying affinity to our favorite dish!

What's that, more questions? Simply write us , and we'll help you out! Or, if you have your own Poutine places you want us to review, send 'em along, and we'll be by!